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Here are some websites created by YID Software:

Thornhill Kollel

Thornhill Community Kollel - Ohr Yosef

The Thornhill Kollel is a center of Torah study in Thornhill.
Its website contains zmanim, schedules, publications, contact information, and more. It includes a section of photos, a shiurim download section, and a donation page.
In addition, it has a custom control panel to manage the mailing list, and shiurim downloads.

Camp Eitan

Camp Eitan

Camp Eitan is a successful day camp based in Toronto, running for over 30 years.
Its website contains information for parents and campers, such as sample newsletters, flyers, prices, and schedules. In addition, it had application downloads and a photo album.
The site is easily updated each year using the easy to use control panel.

Avner Polatsek Accountant

US and Canadian Professional Tax
Preparation Services

Avner Polatsek is a tax preparation professional.
His simple and quick website contains contact information and a simple ad, but is easily expanable in the control panel, and provides and easy way for customers to contact him.

YID Software

YID Software

YID Software's website was also created by us.
It has all of the pages you see here, the menu system on the left, a login system, and the user system.
In addition, it has protected downloads, an intergrated bug tracker, product pages, and user-group protected pages.