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YID Software is a group dedicated to providing Jewish software and web design for the frum community. Our website displays our previous work.

Our current two desktop programs are Talmud Teicher and Mark Master.

Talmud Teicher is a program to help learn gemara, and will show translations of words if you click on them. This program is available in both desktop and online versions. More information can be found on it's product page.

Mark Master is to help schools track marks, students, attendance, and more. It can generate many documents including report cards, principal reports, and Ontario Student Diplomas. Mark Master is paid software, but a trial can be downloaded. More information can be found on it's product page.

In addition, YID Software has created various websites for organizations and businesses.
Examples of our work can be found on our Web Design page.

YID Software appreciates any feedback on any of our programs or websites, and well as ideas for future products.
You can find our online, phone, and fax contact information on our contact page.