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YID Software can help with the setup and management of personal, business and organizational websites.

Although we do not do custom web design, we can help you choose and customize a template, and add pages or customizations that you require. We usually set up customers with WordPress, as a content management system, which comes with a professional control panel to edit pages, both in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), or in HTML code. YID Software will customize the site and control panel to your needs, and let you choose from over 1,000 themes created for WordPress. We can also set up email addresses and forwarders as per your needs.

We specialize in web programming, and therefore can help you best with making interactive features, such as log in systems, protected pages, applications, databases, and mailing lists. Many of these features can be found on this site, and you can see how our user system restricts downloads, or our email form in the contact page. We can make databases to store anything from emails to inventory, or storing stats of visitors to your site.

YID Software also provides web hosting for your website, and will handle all of the registration and storage of your data, so you will not have to deal with any other companies. YID Software rents servers from a company in Atlanta, Georgia that are optimized for speed, and stored in extremely secure facilities.
More information about out hosting services can be found here.

Examples of our work can be seen here.