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NOTE: TalmudTeicher is in the proccess of being upgraded. Please excuse the current unusability of the site. The download version of TalmudTeicher is being discontinued, and will be replaced by a fully interactive online application.

Talmud Teicher is a computer program that allows you to see the meaning of words in the Gemara simply by clicking on them. The program is very easy to use and comes with databases for the Gemara. After downloading it, and running the program, you can click on the .daf files to run the program. The images for the Gemara are used with permission from E-Daf.com. Currently, I am only working on the Gemara for Makkos, but if you are intersted in making the databases for other Masechtos, please e-mail me at info@talmudteicher.com . If you find any bugs in the program, please report them to bugs@talmudteicher.com .